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Come join Gallagher Baseball and Personal Best

as we present

Mental Training for Peak Performance

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Personal Best, founded and operated by veteran educators/coaches Pete Moscariello and Scott Farris, offers seminars and courses in Mental Toughness Training for individual, groups, organizations, and teams.

In the past three years, Personal Best has conducted more then 100 successful mental toughness and peak performance programs for parent groups, students, teachers, student leader groups, coaches, college and high school athletic teams. 

This program is an exciting, interactive session that includes intensive instruction on how to play/perform/live in the present moment, how to develop a positive mindset with a proper perspective, how to focus on the process (not results), how to use self-talk and visualization, how to respond to adversity, how to develop set routines for each pitch/play/point, how to increase confidence, and much, much more. Each participant will receive a comprehensive packet of notes.

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